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THE UNTOLD CONFESSION: In his attempt to oppose the doctrine of eternal security of salvation, he said many things. This part one deals with his idea of unfairness in salvation. Kindly read through and expect part two which will address his doctrinal confusion. I wish I could have the freedom to engage in having multiple sexy and beautiful girlfriends and have all the fun in the world drinking and enjoying the pleasures of the world but I was told that when I do that and die, I will go to hell. I was told when I do that, I will open up myself to demonic attack and bring more problems to myself as a Christian and can even die young.

I wish I could have all the time and freedom to myself without being compelled to go to church every Sunday and some of the evenings when it’s time for my favourate TV programs or soccer matches. I was told when I don’t go to church regularly, I can miss heaven when Christ comes and the worse of all I will not be honoured as a serious Christian by my pastor and other members of the church.

I wish I will not be under any compulsion to fast, pray and read the bible every day. I am inwardly compelled to do them because I was told if I don’t fast and pray, Satan will attack me with problems and I am compelled to religiously read my bible everyday to satisfy my conscience even if I don’t understand what I read. I sometimes keep few verses in my head just to proof that I have read my bible in case I am asked by my pastor. Sometimes I read the bible and other books to impress people how much I know that they don’t know.

I wish I could have all my salary to myself without being compelled to give a portion to the church. I was told if I don’t pay my tithe, firstfruit and sow miracle seeds, life will be tight for me. I am compelled to give much so that I can get blessed by God.

I see being a Christian and trying to make heaven, avoiding hell and getting fortified against the attacks of Satan so burdensome. I am compelled by fear to live up to expectation. I am compelled to meet church expectation so as to get the honour or acceptance of men or other Christians. I am compelled to live within certain boundaries of church rules to be seen as a good Christian.

To me, this is the only way one can maintain his salvation to make heaven. Making heaven I was told is very difficult. Getting fortified against the attacks of the devil or demons is not a small work. You have to fast and pray a lot. Sometimes waking up at midnight, a time to enjoy ones sleep, just to pray against "my family witches retarding my progress".

However, I see other people who call themselves Christians and they seem not to have the kind of compulsion I have. They seem not to deny themselves of the things I restrain myself from for the sake of making heaven, though I wish I could also do them. They freely enjoy the pleasures of life. They are not regular at church. They have some of the beautiful and sexy girls as girlfriends. They seem to be making progress in life than me, though they don’t pay tithe, firstfruit or miracle seed.

They are very fashionable and look happier than me. Sincerely I wish to be like them but because I want to make heaven, I am compelled to live this self-denying life. Some of the ladies I know in church wish they could apply cosmetics and dress fashionably to get the attention of the nice rich young men in porsh cars but because of their intention of making heaven, they are compelled to look old fashioned and unattractive.

Now, this eternal security or once saved forever saved preachers are telling me that those people, who also call themselves Christians will make heaven because they once believed the gospel. This is very unfair. How can these people enjoy all the fun and freedom in life, have all these nice sexy girls, dress to attract all the nice rich men make heaven with me? They deserve to be paid in hell with everlasting fire.

I feel the only way I can make them know I don’t envy them or make them feel defeated is by using hell to threaten them. The major problem I have with this doctrine of once saved, forever saved is that it does not bring fairness in the area of salvation. It doesn’t seem to make my efforts significant or important.

While I am trying hard to qualify for heaven, others are comfortable living their normal life and you are telling me that we all stand the same chance of going to heaven just because they believed in Christ? it is just unfair. I will feel cheated if I found myself in heaven with these people who did not live the clean life I struggled to live whiles on earth.

They must also struggle like how I am struggling. They must also go through the pain of self-denial. There must be fairness. If they are enjoying here on earth, they must suffer in hell. I am therefore opposed to the teaching of eternal security of salvation because of these reasons.

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