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What happens to a believer when he denies Christ?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This is a question that a lot of people ask and want an answer to, so as to calm the storm of anxiety the question brings. So what does it mean to deny? It means to refuse to accept the truth about you, to dissociate oneself from something, to reject something. Peter denied Christ not once, but thrice. What happened to him? Nothing. He did not lose Jesus. He did not have to receive Christ into his heart again.

In fact Jesus even saw Peter's denial of him before it happened. He even told Peter this is what you will do. Let me tell you something, our sins do not surprise God one bit. He knows the silly things you will do in the future. So when Jesus went to the cross, he saw a day will come like today when you will deny him but he chose to die for that sin too. Glory be to his name.

When Jesus resurrected, he did not tell Peter how he has lost his salvation for denying him. No. He still loved and saw him as one of his own. Nothing separates us from his love for us. Not even your denial of him. Our difficulty in answering the question lies in our understanding of what Christianity is. When we understand Christianity as following Christ, we limit ourselves with regard to the truth of who we are in Christ. And we begin to believe that a believer who denies Christ loses his salvation. Not true.

A follower is one who admires a master, wishes to be like him and decides to follow him. He copies the lifestyle of the Master, the words of the master and almost everything about the master. He can also choose along the line to stop following him. And he ends up losing the leader. Most religions in the world have this concept of followership. They look up to a leader and try their best to be like that person in all their ways.

And when they are fed up, they change religions by denying the previous one either in words or by their refusal to associate themselves with them. Most people see Christianity like one of those religions where we follow a leader. The basic and fundamental truth about Christianity is that it does not operate on the concept of followership, though there is a place for that. It operates on the concept of birth.

Spiritual birth where the belief is that the person is born of Christ spiritually. That is why Jesus used the concept of birth to explain to Nicodemus the kind of people who can inherit the kingdom of God. He did not talk of being a follower but rather talked of being born. The birth concept implies one is recreated spiritually with the very nature of God residing in his spirit.

In other words, the seed of Christ dwells in him, the DNA of God runs in him (Divine Nature of the Almighty) forever. Now with this understanding, let's look at some two scenarios. On Facebook and Twitter, people follow other people. But they can also decide not to follow those people they used to follow. What happens when they stop following those people? They lose them.

Now the second scenario. If you have a child and later in life the child comes to tell you, you are no longer my dad, I will stop following you. What has the child done? He has denied his father. But in reality what has happened? In reality he still remains the child of his father because he still has the DNA of his father residing in him. He does not lose the blood of his father in him. Nothing changes the seed of the father in him. He only loses fellowship with the father but never his sonship.

He may go through life not enjoying the good things his father has for him since he refuses to follow his father's ways but he still remains a son to the father. Just as in the human sense a child does not cease to be a son to his father even if he denies him, so is it with those who deny Christ. He never loses his sonship, he remains saved. Why? Because when one comes to Christ, he is born of an IMPERISHABLE AND INCORRUPTIBLE seed.What does imperishable and incorruptible seed mean?

It means nothing can cause that seed to be lost or perish or become corrupted. Not even denial can destroy it. That is the kind of DNA or seed of Christ you have been born with. We also in various ways deny the Lord not by our words or by saying I don't believe in the Lord Jesus again, but by our actions. How?

Whenever we chose the path of sin instead of the path that pleases God, we have denied him. Yet we do not see ourselves as losing our salvation. It will therefore be ridiculous to see those who verbally deny Christ as having lost their salvation as opposed to those who do so by their actions.

Know that the Lord Jesus does not bear grudge with any of his children should they even deny him. No good father does that. His love is unconditional for his children. He wouldn't want any of his children denying him but if they do, the good news is Jesus still knows and sees you as his own. You may only deny yourself His fellowship but never your sonship.

However, if anyone leaves the faith it means that person was never born again in the first place. He was just a church goer but not a believer because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A BELIEVER TO LEAVE THE FAITH. IT CAN'T HAPPEN. If someone leaves the faith the faith it means he never believed the faith. This is what the word of God has to say about people who left the church during the time of the Apostles John 2:19

"These people left our churches, but they never really belonged with us; otherwise they would have stayed with us. When they left, it proved that they did not belong with us." Judas left because he did not believe. It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. 64 But there are some of you who do not believe.”(John 6:63-64).

Jesus knew from the beginning who they were who did not believe, and who would betray Him.

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