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I have already explained what the finished works of Christ means and how they benefits us as believers. The knowledge of the finished work of Christ should fill every believer with joy unspeakable. But then, are there some things that Jesus didn't finish to do for us? The answer is an emphatic yes! Every good father wants their kids to have a sense of responsibility, hence, the unfinished and ongoing work of Christ as listed below:

1. EVANGELISM: In His days on earth, Jesus went about telling men of the kingdom. Jesus didn't finish the work of evangelism for us. In Mark 16:15 just before his ascension, He gave us a very clear command that we should continue the work of evangelism. People often ask to know what God is saying to them right now. Well, this is a clear instruction from Him: GO OUT AND PREACH! This is not a call for the evangelist in your church only. It is an instruction to all believers. We are all called to do it – 2 Cor. 5:18.

2. SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Jesus didn't finish our spiritual growth. Growth is a Continuous thing for the believer. One cannot get born again and then do nothing else just because to him, Jesus did it all. We are to deliberately and consciously desire growth spiritually -1Pet 2:2. Something is terribly wrong with you if you are a Christian and you have no willingness or desire to grow. I must also say that growth is very inconvenient. It takes diligent and meticulous study and meditation of the word to grow - 2 Tim 3:15. Five years, seven years, ten years in Church and you don't know the simple tenets of the gospel, yet you are not perturbed? You should weep! Something is seriously wrong.

3. DISCIPLINE: Jesus did not finish disciplining you. A believer is to show great discipline. It is absolutely true that Christ is made unto us holiness - 1 Cor 1:30 but YOU ARE TO LIVE OUT THAT HOLINESS knowing who you are and what you carry. Now let me help with this illustration: Imagine that I have just a cent in my pocket. I could play and gallivant and frolic carelessly. Why? Because what I have in my pocket is of little or no value. Now let's say I have about $10,000 in my pocket. This means I'm going to be very cautious of my movements. Why? Of course because I'm aware of the value of what I have. You are holy, so walk in that consciousness. Now that's discipline.

4. GIVING: Now this has to do with money! Jesus didn't finish giving for us. You give to the kingdom as money and materials moves the ministry. Peter gave his boat - Luke 5:3. Some women gave Jesus their substance. - Luke 8:3. Joseph of Arimathae gave his own tomb for Jesus to be buried - Matt 27:57. We keep giving to the gospel until Jesus comes. Giving only becomes a problem when one fails to understand what Christ did for Him.

5 PRAYER: You cannot say Christ has done it all and then you refuse to pray. Prayer is an ongoing work. It was after Jesus' resurrection that we were asked to pray all manners of prayers - Eph 6:18.

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