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I do emphasize so much on the finished work of Christ because without the knowledge of the finished work, both the ongoing and the unfinished work becomes a waste of time. But when one understands the finished work, the ongoing work and the unfinished work of Christ becomes a very sweet experience.

Moreover, religious folks don't understand the finished work of Christ at all.

So because of this, they spend time doing the ongoing work and the unfinished work thinking that by doing so qualifies them for what Christ has already freely given (the products of the finished work). But do we neglect the ongoing work and the unfinished work of Christ just because Jesus has already done the finished work? That of course would be mental agitation. Without wasting much time, let's get started:


The FINISHED works are works that Jesus has already done. All the finished works of Christ are ETERNAL. This means that we CANNOT improve on them, we cannot contribute anything to them because our contributions and efforts are NOT needed. We can't add or subtract from this work. We can do absolutely NOTHING about them because they are a very perfect work of Christ.

The ONLY thing we are called to do is to RECEIVE them. The religious man does not understand it so he tries to pray, fast, modify his character or become pious in order to 'qualify' for the products of the finished work. But that's wrong. All we were ask to do is to receive them because Jesus ALONE did the work.

Products of the finished works of Christ are:

REDEMPTION and FORGIVENESS: We are NOT going to be forgiven. We are already forgiven once and for all both past, present and future sins. - Eph 1:7, Heb 10:16-17, Col 1:14. So stop praying for forgiveness. It’s a finished work!

RIGHTEOUSNESS: As a believer you are already righteous. You don't try to be righteous, you don't pray to be righteous and you don't modify your character to be righteous. YOU ARE ALREADY RIGHTEOUS! Why? Christ is your righteousness and righteousness is a gift you received the day you got born again. No Pastor on earth is more righteous than you. We are all righteous in Christ - 1Cor 1:30, 2Cor 5:21, Rom 5:17. Failure to understand this could be an indication that you are religious.

SEALED WITH THE HOLY GHOST: Now I'm very passionate about this one so please don't argue. I know this one is a very big truth for religious folks and baby Christians to swallow. Even if they accept the others, they won’t easily accept this one. The finished work of Christ made us to be SEALED with the Holy GHOST. We are not trying to be sealed, WE ARE SEALED. There is nothing we can do to be more sealed or unsealed. No one can break this seal, NOT EVEN YOU. This is why when I hear some believers talk of someone backsliding, I wonder how they did it.

If you still believe a born again Christian can backslide or you believe that a born again Christian can die in sin and go to hell, then that is religious imbecility. We are assured of our salvation so we can NEVER lose it no matter what. (Now calm down, don't argue just ask questions and Learn. Remember I told you I'm VERY passionate about this one. So don't argue please). Eph 1:13, Eph 4:30, 2Cor 1:22. Remember it is a finished work and WE CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

DELIVERANCE: The Christian is NOT going to be delivered. He is already delivered! He is FREE! - John 8:36 Remember, this is a FINISHED work and WE CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. We don't fast, pray, go to the mountain, or go from church to church to be delivered. Jesus has delivered you over two thousand years ago. If you are born again and you are still running from one church to another for deliverance where you roll on the floor and entertain the crowd, then your ignorance is monumental. Col 1:13. 1 Thes 1:10

SONSHIP: The finished work gave us sonship. We have the spirit of adoption. We are the sons of God. We are not trying to be sons, we don't pray to be sons.. WE ARE SONS! Rom 8:15.

ETERNAL LIFE: Eternal life is a gift! We received eternal life the day we got born again. Like other products of the finished work, we don't pray or fast for it and we are not waiting to get it in heaven. WE HAVE IT NOW! - 1 John 5:12 -13..

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