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No generational curse in a born-again christian!

Deliverance is the Message of Christ' finished work which is preached. Deliverance is the sole Job of Jesus Christ (Luke 4:18). We preach what Christ has done. The Message of what Christ has done once believed delivers the hearer from sin and death (Eternal Damnation). The greatest bondage on human beings is sin and death not demons. The removal of sin and death is the deliverance of humanity(Hebrews 2:14; Hebrews 9:27-28, 1 John 3:8)

But everyone must receive what Christ has done for it to be effective in their lives. So we take the message of deliverance to the captives and them knowing the truth sets them free. Deliverance is not casting out demons or making people roll on the floor or vomit. You must Understand that there is a difference between deliverance and casting out of demons.

Deliverance is a movement from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of God( Col 1:13) where as "casting out of demons" means to "expel" demons. You can cast out demons from a person and a persons is not delivered!!. And if you cast out a demon from a person without preaching the message of deliverance to that person, the person is not born again (delivered) and the demons will still return and the later stage of the person will be worst than the former.

This explains what is happening to many Church goers. They keep going for deliverance and are never free. I wonder is the problem with Jesus Christ or the preachers?? They started breaking generational curses on you since the beginning of this year and till today they are still breaking the curses and the curses have vehemently refused to be broken.

Are you not tired?? Can't you reason?? God and generational curses, who is Powerful?? They come and teach you doctrines of devil's and give license for demons and satan to attack you free of charge. RECEIVE SENSE…….

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