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THE DOCTRINE OF RESTORATION.This is the final part of the series. If you have read part 1-2 of this article, by now, your faith in the saving power of God should be as solid as a rock. To further solidify your faith, I've meticulously written part 3.

If after reading part 3 and there is still an iota of doubt on the doctrine of eternal salvation - once saved, forever saved, please check yourself. Perhaps, you are not born again indeed. Please read patiently. The story of the prodigal son is the most beautiful illustration of restoration in the bible (Luke 15:11-32). Even when the son was in a far away country, even when he was feeding with pigs, HE WAS STILL A SON!

Think about it for a moment. He was far from his father, he was out of fellowship with his father, but he was still a son of his father. Though the father was grieved with his son's waywardness, the love relationship was NOT broken (Rom 8:38). Because he was a son, he came to himself, he recognized his condition. He said "I have sinned". This is a perfect picture of how every wayward believer must come back to God. If they are a believer, if truly they are a son, they will come back. A son ALWAYS comes back. Glory to God!


Does anything happen when a believer sins? Of course. Does he lose anything? Most assuredly, When a believer sins HE NEVER LOSES HIS SONSHIP. He is still a legitimate son of God. But he may lose his FELLOWSHIP with God. When he sins, HE NEVER LOSES HIS SALVATION because salvation is eternal. But he may lose the joy of his salvation. When a believer sins, HE NEVER LOSES THE HOLY SPIRIT, but he may lose the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible clearly teaches that the Christian does not lose his salvation when he sins. The Apostle John discussed this matter in the second chapter of his first epistle. He writes " My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin......” What does the Holy Spirit next say through the Apostle John?

This would have been the best place in all of the Holy Scriptures for the Holy Spirit to have said and if any man sins, HE IS LOST AND MUST BE SAVED OVER AGAIN. But the Holy Spirit did not say this. What did he say? The Holy Spirit says “and if any man sins, WE HAVE AN ADVOCATE WITH THE FATHER, JESUS CHRIST the righteous " - 1 John 2:1. John clearly states that the Christian do sin, though not mandatory.

But even when the Christian sins, he is NEVER lost. For he has an ADVOCATE - Christ Jesus. Salvation is ETERNAL. Never allow anyone tell you otherwise. God is eternal, and an eternal God cannot give temporary gifts. ALL THE GIFTS OF REDEMPTION ARE ETERNAL.

Therefore, rejoice and let your heart be comforted in this blessed fact knowing that NOTHING in this world, not even sin can separate you from the love of God - (Rom 8:35-39), God holds you and he keeps you from falling (Jude 1: 24), God saves to the uttermost ( Heb 7:25), and that you are SEALED in Christ by the Holy Ghost ( Eph 1:13).

This means no one can break the seal, even you. You can never come out of Christ even if you wanted to. Wow! This is good news that is too good to be true!

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