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Discerning the Lord's body

A lie remains a lie no matter how long it has existed...whenever a scripture is misapplied or misunderstood, a major truth in Christianity is eroded or lost...and you can never get a truth out of a lie.

So in theology we don't read our opinions into the Scriptures, we let the scriptures interpret themselves...that is, we travel into the mind of the scriptures to be able to understand what the scriptures was trying to communicate...because the Bible will never mean today what it never meant when it was first written.

In Bible teaching we do exegesis that is letting the Bible speak to us from outside, letting the scriptures interpret itself…but what many people do today is eisegesis, which is reading their own opinion into the scriptures and looking for scattered verses of scriptures and using them out of their original context to back their opinion.

In Bible Study the scriptures must be allowed to interpret itself...that is what Jesus did in Luke 24:25. Heb 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love which is good works...not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is...The love is expressed in not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together.

2 Thess 2:1 ...And by our gathering together unto him... Matt 3:37, 24:31..."Always refers to an actual collection of things". As the manner of some is"...meaning some will have that attitude of wanting to live in isolation...but we are Born unto the family of God.Heb 10:22,23. So the moment you are Born Again the next thing is to belong to a family...not forsaking the gathering of ourselves together.

The moment you come into Christ, you have come to a people. There is a collective responsibility that we have in Christianity...we have come to a people and a community of Faith...this Community of Faith is demonstrated in our attending the gathering of saints is a proof of our Faith. Matt 18:20 says for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am i in the midst of them.

Phil 1:2 ..."The Church in thy house"...we saw that the early Churches were in houses...that is Apostolic teaching...Romans 16:5 …"Greet the Church that is in thy house". 1 Cor 16:19 …"With the Church that is in their House". Colossians 4:15 …"And the church which is in their house". So you have no excuse not to gather in an assembly.

You are saved unto a gathering...we are saved to care and look after the well-being of ourselves wherever we are gathered together. Heb 13:7 Take note of the word "rule over you"….this is what we refer to as the local Church...there has to be a rule...and there are they that have been given the rule over you. Verse 17...obey them that have the rule over you...that is recognise those who have been given the rule over you...obey them that feed you with the word of God.

Acts 2:42 You have come to leadership and you have come to men...that is a proof of your Faith...1 Peter 5:1, James 5:14, 1 John 2:12,13, 2 John 1:1, All the Epistles were written to a gathering of believers...Jude 4, Rev 2 & 3. You are born again into one body in Christ then you gather as a demonstration that we belong to one body or one's a fruit of the Lord, one Faith, one Spirit.

Once we are born again we are of the same faith in spite of our levels of understanding or Epignosis! 1 Cor 11:20 "When you are come together into one place this is not to eat the Lord's Supper"...underline the word "come together"... 1 Cor 11:17 Underline the word again…"Come together".

People have always interpreted the Lord's Supper to mean the traditional Holy Communion….that is eating bread and drinking wine. Supper is the greek word "Deipnon", it means a meal different from breakfast. The word supper is never used anywhere in the Scriptures to mean pentecost or Passover.

John 12:2, John 13:2, 13:4, Luke 14:24 Remember whenever a scripture is misinterpreted a major truth is lost...Supper means coming to eat with others...Because people misunderstood this the main lesson was lost. Sharing food and breaking bread at a gathering is what was termed the Lord's Supper. 1 Cor 11:20, Matt 26:17, 18 The disciples did as the master asked and made ready the Passover.

The difference between THE LORD'S SUPPER AND PASSOVER IS THE Passover was not Supper and Supper never meant Passover...Passover is a feast and a feast must be prepared for. Luke 22:1 This feast was instituted not by was Moses that instituted the feast of Passover.Exodus 12:11 …"It is the Lord's Passover".

Moses said, but it actually should have been called Moses' Passover...because Christ didn't institute it and it was never used in relation to Christ. Exodus 12:43 …"This is the ordinance of the Passover"…so there are instructions governing the passover...the Passover was to commemorate how Israel left Egypt.

Exodus 13:6, Lev 23:4…"you must eat the unleavened bread for 7 days"(ordinance). Acts 2:1 Pentecost means 50...49 days after Passover is Pentecost...Pentecost is a feast of the Jews which means 50. Acts 12:3 The terminology did not change...

Acts 20:16 So Pentecost doesn't mean Spirit, it was a feast that was ongoing before Jesus came. 1 Cor 16:8 Paul did not spiritualize any of these and did not change the name...there was Passover, Pentecost and Unleavened bread...Supper can not be Passover or Unleavened bread...

Acts 2:42 And they continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in to establish love and care amongst brethren they shared among themselves all sorts of food...

Luke 24:49 Remember when you have the Passover or Unleavened Bread it has to be prepared because it is a feast... Luke 24:29 He took bread and broke it at the spore of the moment...there was no prior preparation...that was not unleavened bread... Luke 24:49 It was not any special was just sharing food.

1 Cor 5:6,7 Even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us...because Christ is our passover we are the unleavened bread. Verse 8 "Not with the old leaven that they were eating in Israel"...they ate it and were keeping malice and were living in wickedness. 1 Cor 10:16 We are the bread and we are one body.

The bread then refers to the Church. 1 Cor 11 Paul was rebuking the Church on the subject of division. 1 Cor 11:20 What Paul is dealing with here is not passover or unleavened bread. Verse 21...he was saying the moment you are selfish about it, it is no more the Lord's is called so because the Love of God is displayed.

He was saying to them in Corinth that what they were doing was not the Lord's Supper because they were selfish and greedy and where not caring for one another. 1 Cor 11:22. So Paul was not teaching unleavened bread feast but supper..

Verse 23 This is where the confusion is for many people...he wasn't saying that God gave a special revelation to Paul concerning Holy Communion...he was simply saying he was sharing what he read from the eyewitness accounts...he was not instituting an order...he was referencing what was done in the past...

1 Cor 11:27 "Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily shall be guilty of the Body and blood of the Lord"..."For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body...for this cause many are weak and sickly among you and many sleep".

Paul was simply saying because of lack of sharing of the Lord's Supper(sharing of love, food and care among brethren), greed, selfishness and dishonour have set in amongst you and so because of this many are weak, sick and some have slept. In bible study it's good to look at the whole account...John 13:1,13-17,34,35.

This is not the feet washing service people are doing now...he was communicating a teaching using symbols. Jesus was teaching sacrifice and humility...that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12 ...Love one another as i have loved you.

Matt 26:28 Jesus died as our an example of love.

He was saying what Jesus did was for your sin and is also for your what Jesus did for the sinner is both a gift of faith and also an example to us believers. 1 Cor 5:7 Even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us… Eph 4:32, 5:2 Be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted...forgiving one another even as God for Christ sake forgave us.

So the death of Christ is both a gift to us and an example. Colossians 2:13, 3:13 Since we have been forgiven, we too must forgive one another just as Christ forgave us. 1 Cor 11:17-20 Paul was teaching walking in love...showing love to the brethren sacrificially just as Christ has done for us.

1 Cor 11:23 …"My body Broken for"...we know that the bread was not his body...he was talking about Christ' sacrifice for sins. So the question is what was he talking about when he said "this is the bread for as often as you eat this bread"? He was referring to the food we bring when we gather and share amongst ourselves.

We demonstrate Christ' sacrifice for us when we share and care for one another...when we go out of our way to take care of each other we show the Lord's death...that is, when we show brethren love and care we discern the Lord's Body...we discern the Lord's sacrifice...

Unworthily there means "what is not correct"...not loving or caring for the brethren is eating the Lord's bread and drinking his cup unworthily. What he was emphasising is the sacrifice of Love to one another as Christ did for us. Let us treat ourselves specially, as peculiar people...the moment we come together we look after the welfare of each other...

we put Christ first and his Body and nothing else matters...we lay aside our status and positions in society and discern the Lord's Body. If we do this people will not be weak, sick or die among us...sharing with the saints is Crucial...because it is, one Lord, One Love & one Spirit, one Bread, one Body!