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Beware Of "false prophets"

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Please calm down and read up to the end. Much like other gifts, such as Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and the rest, a prophetic gift is designed for the edification of the body of Christ (the church).

You must have heard many acclaimed prophets parade themselves as prophets over or to a nation. I believe they have drawn this idea from the Old Testament where there was a national religion in the form of theocracy.

Have you noticed, many of these so called prophets(fake ones), don't even know the WORD OF GOD??? They are only merchants in the use of Psalms...they empty peoples pocket, they use familiar spirit with wizardry to conjure their victims. They use so much olive oil, candles, salt, holy water and all sorts of concoctions all in the name of prophetic works.

Many of these so called “prophets” lead their followers into endless fastings, like 21 days, 40 days marathon only to gain more evil rank in their evil spiritual world. They don't return people to the mind of God through the understanding of the Word.

People should wake up...! Any prophet that doesn't reveal Christ to you, but always remind you of your past & future is a false prophet! "By their fruits, we shall know them."

Dear prophets, stop trying to edify the nation, it is not your duty. Seek to edify the church instead and the church will in turn impact positively on the nation. It is a miscarriage of theology and hence, responsibilities that makes a prophet seek to, for instance predict election results, New Year events and all sorts.

Your ability to predict events that will take place in a nation in the New Year is not a sign that you are a prophet of God. Your ability to call out people's phone numbers and tell the colours of their underwear does not make you a prophet sent by God. The prophetic gift is not meant to mesmerise people by predicting their past and future. True prophecy is about forth-telling than foretelling.

There are prophets/seers who aren't Christians but use the bible and twist the verses to promote their evil agenda. They don't know anything about the gospel of Christ BUT do mighty things, and even more SIGNS & WONDERS under the influence of familiar spirits.

A New Testament prophet is an inspired preacher and teacher, not just a seer, bringing words of direction and correction to God's people both regularly and on the spur of the moment, thereby edifying (building up) the body of Christ.

A TRUE prophet is a gift to the body of Christ and not a gift to a nation or a country. The Prophet's duty is to reveal eternal verities in Christ to the intent of building up the body of Christ.

In John chapter 16, you will see the duty of the Holy Spirit as stated by Christ. His work is to lead men into revelation of Jesus Christ. With this, we can easily be guided to know who's speaking by God's Spirit as we observe the thrust and directions of their ministry.

Friends, many false prophets have gone into the world. Many of them occupy exalted pulpits and they have the crowds. Many more roam our streets and various mountainous areas.

They move from one place to another using sorcery to see into people's future and past so they could have their attention and get into their pockets and control their lives.

Some of them do lying wonders using magical powers. They could visit your house and exhume charms from your compound, all by magic and you will fall for this. Sadly, Women are their usual victims.

Beware of prophets! It is the most attractive title in the present age. Sadly spiritual discernment and common sense are two things seriously lacking in the church today!!

Friends, when you are hard-pressed and you get desperate because of life's troubles, seek God's wisdom , not a seer! The more you run after seers, the more you are likely to run into trouble. Please know this at the back of your mind.

If he is not edifying the body of Christ, then he's not a prophet. If his activities are pointing people's attention to himself/herself as against Christ Jesus, then he/she's not operating by the Spirit Of Christ.

Jesus said concerning the Holy Spirit : When the Spirit of truth comes, He will not testify of Himself, ......but He will glorify me... John 16:13, 14.

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