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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Many people have nevertheless found themselves victims of false teachings because they lack knowledge of their NEW IDENTITY in Christ. If you say you are a BELIEVER IN CHRIST and you still attend and listen to messages such as : power must change hands; Deliverance from Evil Altars, My Goliath/Pharaoh my die; Jericho must fall, Fasting to move fast in life etc......... My dear, you are a LOST!

How on earth did those preachers make you believe for example that the Power is still in the hands of Satan??? If you don't believe that JESUS is the one holding all the Power in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth as the Bible said, then how on earth are you calling yourself a believer in Christ?

If you feel Satan is still with the power, then you are saying Jesus is not with all power as the Bible claims, then you believe JESUS lied when he said IT IS FINISHED. Is it your prayers and shouting that will take the power from Satan's hands and give to you; If all Jesus did was not enough to do so.

See, the day knowledge falls on you is the day you will realize the extent and magnitude of your IGNORANCE attending "power must change hands, My Goliath/Pharaoh my die; Jericho must fall etc.".

True believers KNOW that they have got the POWER. In Christ JESUS the power is already ours. Come out of false religious doctrines and embrace the Truth of the Gospel. All power has been given to Christ and we have been made ONE with him ( Colossians 2:9-10; Eph 2:6; Rom 3:3-6 etc.) IT IS FINISHED!!!

Are you tired of breaking curses yearly, yet the curse is still staring you in the face?

Are you tired of feet washing services and your feet have never moved forward?

Are you tired of anointing yourself, drinking anointing oil, and the problem remains unsolved?

Are you tired of fasting, making yearly resolutions that are never achieved?

Are you tired of never ending deliverance services, licking salt; drinking/sprinkling of holy water, and your life remains hopeless?

Are you tired of paying consultation fees to see prophets/pastors and your issues remain unresolved?

Are you tired of comedians/comedy, motivational, entrepreneurship and materialistic messages?

Are you tired of being a moralist but with no joy of salvation?

Are you tired of attending "fruit of the womb" and "fruits" service, yet remain unfruitful?

People are still blind attending the above year in year out; BUT still struggle and never experience spiritual growth............“EVER LEARNING, AND NEVER ABLE TO COME TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH, HAVING A FORM OF GODLINESS,...NOT HOLDING THE HEAD, JESUS CHRIST (2 TIM 3:5-8, COL 2:19-23)”

I thank the Lord for His grace! I have been there! But at last, here comes the Solution! All of the above practices are pointers to the person-JESUS CHRIST, the MESSAGE of all the scriptures! (John 5:39 & Luke 24:25-27).

When you encounter him, your practices come to an end, and real life begins...IN Him!

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