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Answers to prayer do not come from heaven

When He died and rose, He said all power in heaven & earth has been given to me and that's exactly the same power the believer has today. James 1:5-7 used some adjectives to describe God as the giving God and He doesn't find fault. James 5:16 says what avails much is the power of the righteous man not God. The power the righteous man unleashes is the dynamic power that changes and rearranges things. So both the prayer and the answer to the prayer is in the man. It is the prayer of the man that makes the power available. There's nothing like unanswered prayer.


Prayer is the medium of exercising your authority in the earth. When you don't pray you deny yourself the opportunity to exercise authority in the earth. We have established that prayers are answered in the earth not heaven. The earth controls heaven (Matt 18:18). Both the heaven and the earth belong to man. Prayer does not derive it's power from heaven. Eph 1:17-19 says, the wisdom and revelation is inside the knowledge of God not outside the knowledge of God. The prayer is that you may know the exceeding greatness of His power or His ability wrought in us who believe.

We have 3 Greek words describing the power in the believer; dunamis, huperballo, energeo. Huperballo means going beyond the set boundary. That's to say the power did not only get you born again but it went beyond salvation  to give you other things or to meet your needs. Eph 1 verse 20-22 says by application all things are under our feet. The believer is the head of the devils, witches, material things and immaterial things. Christ is in us as the head of church carrying out His work. Eph 3:16-19 > This is prayer for the believer in the new testament.

Paul gave you the source of answer from the prayer. Eph 3:20 implies, this Him that can do exceeding abundantly has subjected Himself to the power that worketh in you, it is no more God doing it but according to the power that worketh in you. For example, if Jesus should die again now, the power to raise Him up is inside you. Eph 1:19 implies, the same power that raised Christ is inside you, what raised Him before will still raise Him again (same power) glory to God! The power in you can raise anything from the dead. Hallelujah!!!

So, when I pray I am making dynamic power available to do dynamic works in the earth. The power doesn't just go out because it's in you, that is why the book of James tells you that the only way to unleash this power is by the effectual fervent prayer. All the prayers Paul prayed in Ephesians 1 & 3 will be answered according to the power that worketh in you, the believer. So prayer power therefore is the ability to answer the prayer and the ability to answer your prayer is by the power in you. The power to answer prayer is resident in the believer.

We don't call answers from heaven (Rom 10:6-7- "say not your heart" except you don't believe that I am God. (Rom 10:8) - The righteousness of faith speaketh. Eph 6:10; Eph 3:16 the power of His might is what we saw in Ephesians 1:19 & 3:20. So, when He says be strong in the power of His might (Eph 6:10); what he's saying is the power of His might is already inside you. Instead of relying on the things happening around you, rely on what is inside you.

Two things Paul opens our understanding to: 1. He opens our eyes to the authority available to the believer. Exousa in Greek authority, privileges and rights. When you are exercising authority you give out instructions. There's power inside you that backs the authority.  2.  Actual strength dunamis power. We are exercising authority because there's actual power at work in us. Eph 1:19 & 3 :20. Aside the authority for issuing instructions there's power inside you that backs the authority. That power is huperballo, energeo and dunamis. The same thing he said in 1:19 is repeated in 3:20 which means the answer to the prayer is inside you. That means power will not work until you pray.

Angels or our ministering spirits do not have power on their own (Psalms 103:20). When you give voice to the word which is prayer, you unleash power that energises angels to be part of your prayer answer. Not all angels have wings. There are some that come to you as a human to deliver answers. It's your prayer that engages the high ranking angelic activity. Your prayer generates power that makes your angels go to work.

When you don't pray all your Angel's are dormant.  1. Prayer happens with the power we have on the earth. 2. Prayer is not heaven invading earth. It's actually earth invading heaven. 3. Power is at work in us and we discharge that in words, our words give direction to God's word.

It is NOT "let your will be done". If you say that in prayer, you'll hang your prayer life because there's nothing like "let your will be done". That statement was used by Jesus on the cross to fulfill the scripture in our life.

The power is in your heart and mouth. God said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased hear you Him and Christ is in you. So, when you speak, everything responds to you because they hear Jesus inside you,  everything have been commanded to hear Him. It's all about Him. When you pray, it is as Jesus is the one praying.

You shall have what you say. Words control power. The woman with the issue of blood kept saying and got her miracle. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?

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