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2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat”.

No prophesy, vision, leading of the Spirit, voice of God will contradict what the breathe of God and the Spirit of God has put together. So the scriptures are the boundary of Christian knowledge! Your giving to God does not multiply your money, what multiplies your money is work! Giving in Church does not bring additional money to you, what brings additional money to you is work.

Prayer and fasting does not produce money to you, what brings money to you is work. There is no future for lazy Christians for hunger will take them away. Some of you don’t like this but you better come to terms. Someone may ask, “Does God perform financial miracles?” Yes! How? He connects you to opportunities and ideas. But even when you see opportunities, you must do something about them.

Yes you can receive money miracle. God can move and touch someone to bless you with the car but who will fuel it? It is one thing to have a car and it is one thing to have fuel. If tithe has been working like we were taught, Christians ought to be trillionaires. But I have come to believe that our prosperity was settled when Jesus Christ hung on the Cross. What is left is for us to BELIEVE and WORK with our hands.

Ignorance has kept Christians locked up in the Old Testament practice of tithing for too long instead of holding on to the reality. Some go to the extent of borrowing to connect with the anointing through tithing or sowing a seed. No matter how much you tithe or sow a seed to get it, you receive nothing! You can never be more anointed by sowing seeds, giving or tithing. YOU CAN ONLY GET POORER THIS WAY! God's word is to be treasured and regarded as the final authority otherwise you will remain an easy prey to liars and deceivers peddling the word.

The word as revealed in the New Testament is so despised by many Christians that they prefer some 'RHEMA' sold at exorbitant prices by false pastors. A false preacher said on TV that you cannot expect a house from God and you sow less than a million. He went on to exclaim that “IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY” really??? Funny........

Choose this day whom you believe...God or men? The words of men aren't final and authoritative.

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